A exciting weekend of coaching ahead with Gaynor Schofield

Rhapsody are very pleased to welcome Gaynor, this coming Saturday 8th February, for a coaching session ahead of our participation in the SABS convention in Spain in April.

Here is an extract from her chorus Iceni's website

'Musical Director - Gaynor Schofield


Gaynor joined her first barbershop group, Velvet Harmony as a singer in 1987, after seeing and hearing a women’s quartet on TV. Her background had been steeped in choral tradition but found the barbershop harmonies absolutely compelling.

In 1991 she took on her first directing role at Velvet Harmony with absolutely no directing experience whatsoever! Then in 1999 Gaynor took on a new chorus Green Street Blues and was delighted to win with them, a clutch of chorus medals in the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (LABBS).

In 2009 Viva Acappella was born and Gaynor was able to fulfil her dream of taking a chorus to International contest. Although competition work is an important focus, Gaynor is keen to ensure that all repertoire songs are performed to the same level. She also believes that quartet singing is at the heart of great chorus singing and makes sure that time is spent on this important aspect, building individuals’ confidence as singers and performers.

In addition to chorus work, Gaynor is an active quartet singer with two LABBS Gold medals (Sounds Familiar and Hot Note) and a regional quartet Gold medal in Sweet Adelines Region 31 (Hot Note). She is also an active coach in the 3 British barbershop associations for choruses and quartets. In her spare time, she is a full time Learning and Development Consultant.

The schedule for the weekend is attached for information.