Ladies Acapella Singing Course commenced Tuesday 5th September

What a fabulous response we had to our 4-week acapella singing course, which began on 5th September 2017.

We had approximately 20 ladies keen to learn the fantastic barbershop style of singing.  They were all fantastic and the rehearsal went with a real swing learning our new up tune 'The Joint is Jumping'.

Regular chorus members had this to say about the evening - 'Tuesday was amazing, there was a real buzz!"and "We had a very successful evening with 20 ladies taking part, Helen took the lead, with two members of each section helping to teach new tags, and we even managed a page of 'Live 'Til I die', which always goes down well with audiences".

At the end of the 4 weeks, the ladies will have the opportunity to perform their newly honed skill to friends and family.  Come along on Tuesday 10th October to see how they get on, everyone welcome.

You can visit our Facebook page to find out more.

Rhapsody UK Chorus